World leading visual privacy and security.

Pimloc's deep learning platform enables private businesses and public organisations to protect sensitive or personal data in video, to maintain safe online environments and to manage video security.

Deep AI expertise

World-class machine learning pedigree. Deep learning proprietary neural networks training using millions of images.

Powerful models

World-leading models for popular and specialist still and video content.

Customisable platform

Image discovery, search, ranking, specialist user training of long-tail content.

Secure & flexible

Platform scalable across local, edge and cloud processing to optimise solutions for data volume, speed of upload/processing and data security

Pimloc platform

The Pimloc platform has been trained by showing it millions of images across a wide range of content. It has learned how to recognise and classify faces, objects and even scenes in images it has never seen before.

The platform is accessible through Pimloc’s Search and Discovery App (Pholio), by using the Pimloc APIs or through a range of tailored Pimloc’s Solutions. The platform can be run in the cloud, remotely, or stand-alone. It can recognise and classify general or specialist content with world-class accuracy and speed. Pholio allows users to use their own specialist knowledge and experience to increase the performance and capabilities of the system.

The Platform can automatically search for content that matches a built-in catalogue of over 20,000 well-known objects and scenes. Searches for unknown objects and scenes is also straightforward, using reference images provided by the user or obtained “on-the-fly” from the Internet. The platform learns image by image; creating new classifiers dynamically as users search through your content.

Platform Architecture

Search images and video without manual tagging
Recall specific image content, near-instantly, from individual or team collections
Improve workflows with reliable, repeatable, scalable, faster search
Expose the latent value in stored and live streamed visual assets

Increase the value of imagery and image analytics with higher productivity and lower costs

Platform features

Pholio puts the power of vision-based machine learning (AI) directly into the hands of your internal teams or online service users. The platform locates, identifies and learns frame by frame, all within the security of your own business systems – with no need for any manual tagging.

Automatically search for 20k named items, without the need for manual pre-tagging
Identify duplicates and near duplicates
Search for object and scene content within images
Click on objects within image to find similar
Detect and protect faces
Search by uploading an image
Find similar images, by content and style
Create custom searches/categories
Improve classifiers

Pimloc solutions

Image Library Search

Pimloc has developed a solution for image libraries to make their large and diverse collections instantly discoverable. Pimloc is working with a range of archives, including leading art and heritage institutions.

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Brand Tracking in Video

Pimloc has developed an automated system for tracking brands (and products) within video footage. This solution is currently being used to track the quality and length of on-screen brand appearances within sports footage for a leading sports media company.

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Video Redaction

Pimloc has developed an automated solution for the bulk redaction of personal data from video called Secure Redact,

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Remote Image Processing

Pimloc has created a remote processing solution, that can run fully offline, to provide on-site image and video processing services - for situations where upload speed, search latency and data privacy are a critical challenge.

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Tracking human activity

Pimloc is developing automatic solutions that can accurately track human pose and activity from 2D and 3D video; focussed on a range of use-cases and environments.

Auto Publishing (beta)

Pimloc has developed a publishing service that
 analyses articles as you write them so it can automatically suggests relevant images to be included from networked drives and image library subscriptions.

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