The growth in the capture of video in public places from CCTV, body-worn police cameras and infrastructure surveying (roads, streets, buildings) has created a critical need for accurate and fast redaction services to protect the personal data that is being captured (faces, number plates, house numbers, body markings etc).

Pimloc is currently working with a leading road survey provider who is capturing millions of images per week from road asset surveys (monitoring road and near-road infrastructure conditions). These surveys can indirectly capture personal data from people in cars or at the side of roads which need to be redacted before storing and providing the imagery to local councils.

The Pimloc Video Redaction Solution automatically ingests, detects, redacts and reports on personal data within video footage. Once processed all detections and redactions can be reviewed (and edited) within a simple online tool.

The Pimloc redaction Solution can be run as a managed service, on-premise or in the cloud (if data volumes allow for efficient upload/download).

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