Remote image and video processing

Pimloc has developed a remote image and video management solution that utilises the Pimloc platform in a small stand-alone box.

This solution, Pholio -, was initially conceived as a private in-home photo box for people to manage and enjoy their personal image and video collections without having to hand over their personal data to online advertising platforms.

Alongside being used for personal collections the Pholio solution is now being used for a range of ‘edge’ based business processing applications where upload speed, search latency and data privacy are of upmost importance.

Pimloc’s remote processing solution can run on a wide range of hardware from low power to laptop and standalone GPU server. Hardware selection can be tailored to the specific application requirements for data volume, processing frame rates and cost.

Pimloc is a member of the NVidia Inception Program and has strong links to all leading chipset manufacturers.

If you are interested in understanding more of Pimloc’s remote image and video processing platform capabilities please get in contact.

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