Tracking your brand in video and broadcast footage

Pimloc’s Brand Tracking Solution provides automatic tracking and measurement of brand appearances within video footage.

The Solution is currently being used to measure on-screen advertising time within broadcast sports feeds. The online application provides a count of time on screen, size and location of appearance and a full audit trail of detections.

The system uses a mixture of real and auto-generated synthetic data to quickly train-up new detectors for each logo/brand (or product). The detector finds when an object appears and then tracks it whilst on-screen; marking start-time, end-time and duration for each appearance (along with a range of ‘quality’ metrics).

The Solution has taken on-screen analysis time from over 120mins (manual review process) down to 2mins per game per brand.

After processing each video the outputs can be reviewed within the online tool. Each detection is viewable and editable providing a powerful system for QA and reporting. Any changes made to the automatic detections are automatically used to improve overall results in future.

This Solution can be run for any identifiable ‘object’ within video and can be run as a managed service or on-premise depending on data volume.

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