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Founded in 2016 and headquartered within the heart of London in Somerset House, Pimloc Ltd is a machine learning company focussed on developing and enabling private and personalised image management solutions. Pimloc has successfully raised its first round of funding through its founders and UK business angels. The founding team includes some of the world's foremost thinkers in deep learning visual technology and computer vision application development across a range of fields.

Available Roles

Deep Learning Researcher

You will be researching and training new deep learning based architectures and algorithms to improve our current solution as well as develop new ideas for the next generation of personalised image search.

Need to have
  • Masters/Phd in the field of computer vision, deep learning, machine learning or a similar field.
  • Experience designing and training deep architectures.
  • Keen to develop new research and algorithms as well as use the latest published research.
  • Familiarity with existing deep learning libraries, e.g. Caffe, Torch.
  • Good programming skills.
  • Good English communication skills.
Ideally have
  • Published research at international conferences/journals.
  • Knowledge of designed CNNs targeted to run on low resource hardware, e.g. fixed point CNNs
  • Coding skills in a range of languages, our main ones being C/C++, Python, Node JS.
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Senior Full Stack Developer

You will be helping to design and develop a deep learning based AI image search system that can run on embedded devices as well as being deployed in the cloud. We need someone who is enthusiastic about all aspects of system design and code development whether it be programming DSPs or developing cloud infrastructure.

Need to have
  • Strong degree in a technical subject, e.g. computer science, engineering, maths.
  • Excellent programming skills in multiple languages, our key ones being C/C++, Javascript/NodeJS, Python.
  • Track record of delivering high quality software in complex systems.
  • System design skills. You’ll be working on all aspects of a complex AI system targeting a range of platforms.
  • Enjoy working in an Agile environment where requirements are always changing.
  • Good English communication skills.
Ideally Have
  • Some experience working on machine learning systems/algorithms or a keen interest in developing AI systems.
  • Experience with existing platforms for processing large amounts of data, e.g. Hadoop/Spark etc.
  • Experience with deployment of distributed systems.
  • Experience developing for embedded platforms.
  • An active github account or fun side projects you work on in your own time. We want people who really love development.
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