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Pimloc works with some of the worlds foremost thinkers in deep learning visual technology.

Pimloc has developed a deep learning based visual technology platform which is being used by a range of global businesses to help them better manage their image and video archives (including museums, image libraries and publishers), video streams and marketing assets.

Pimloc was setup in October 2016, when it raised its seed round of funding to bring their platform to the market so leading businesses can have access to the latest visual recognition tools whilst still maintaining control of their data.

The Pimloc team are no strangers to product and service development with extensive experience in the mobile, imaging, wearables and sports tracking markets. Pimloc is based in the heart of London in Somerset House, straddling The River Thames and The Strand.


Simon Randall
Nokia, Autographer, OMG Life

15 yrs of mobile proposition development

5 yrs intelligent imaging platform, IP development and licensing

James Leigh
Lead Machine Learning Scientist
Hawkeye, Detica, Autographer

12yrs of CV application development

6 yrs deep learning platform & IP development

Will Davies
Machine Learning Developer
Oxford IBME

Oxford University MEng ML software R&D

Julian Morris
OMG, Vicon, 2d3 (sold to Boeing), Yotta

30 + years of successful tech start-ups, management, IPO, M&A

Technical Advisory Board (Pimloc)

Andrew Zisserman
Technology Board
Oxford University VGG

FRS, 3-time Marr Prize-winner, founder of Oxford University VGG, machinelearning pantheon

Andrea Vedaldi
Technology Board
Oxford University VGG

University Padova, UCLA, University Oxford, CNN/RNN research/design

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